(Italiano) L’artista

28 APRIL '93

My whole life changed on 28 April 1993.

That is the day I had an automobile accident which put me in coma for a month. Subsequently, in rehabilitation to regain the use of my right hand, I began to sketch and a new road was revealed to me, one that led to art. I taught myself to draw and then to paint.

The fact that I looked to the great past masters for inspiration led to a direct dialogue with them, carried on through signs and brushstrokes.


Through work and and experimentation I realized how important it is in making art to dedicate one’s time and passion.

In contrast to the habitual frenzy of trying to do things ever faster, I find it essential to respect and value the time it takes me to obtain a certain colour, nuance or detail.

Through the practice of giving time its true value, I came to really understand the potential of art, the strength and freedom resulting from dedication to it.